In the summer of 2019, EWB-Boston Professional Chapter (EWB-BPC) initiated a partnership with Trinity Episcopal Church (TEC) in Canton, Massachusetts to begin a potable water project in Chamhawi, Tanzania. Chamhawi is a rural community of about 600 people, located in the central Dodoma Region of Tanzania. Currently water is obtained from a river 300 meters away and the community has been suffering from high incidences of water-related illnesses, including dysentery. TEC has begun raising funds to drill a well and outfit the well with a hand pump, so that the community members can have easier and more reliable access to potable drinking water. EWB-BPC has provided engineering and hydrogeological technical assistance in the review of a groundwater investigation study and the development of a bid package for well drilling. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, EWB-BPC decided to move forward with a remote implementation and a 120 meter borehole was drilled with a handpump installed in October 2020.  

We are currently raising funds for an assessment trip for the next phase of the project. Following this trip, EWB-BPC will install a solar water pump, solar panels, and water storage tank for ease of access, and initiate design of a water distribution system for Chamhawi.

For more information please see the pdf below, and watch the video showing water collection in the village.

If you would like to get involved, please contact our Chamhawi Water Supply lead, Mike Stover, at for more information!

The newly-installed handpump in Chamhawi (October 2020)