Installed storage tank

We are in the final stages of working with the Dominican Sisters in Guaimaca (population 15,000), Honduras, to improve the quality and quantity of potable water systems in the region. Our project there targeted three small towns on the outskirts of Guiamaca called La Calona, Maraquito and Aguacatillo, which have a total combined population of 60 households and 306 individuals. All of these communities are located next to the Jalan river, which flows downstream from Guaimaca, to Calona, Maraquito, and finally to Aguacatillo.

The EWB-Boston team worked with residents to find an efficient, affordable, and sustainable solution that would deliver clean, reliable water 24 hours a day that minimizes pumping costs and allows for future expansion. The system included a new water source, a pump house, a storage tank, and distribution lines to serve the three villages near Guaimaca.

Phase I implementation began in August 2012 with the construction of a pump house, new storage tank, extension of distribution lines to Aguacatillo, and provision of water-on-demand to Aguacatillo (tap stands) and El Maraquito (existing household connections). Phase 1 management steps included a signed Project Agreement, transfer of tank site to the Water Board, legal agreement of land owners for passage of pipelines, and continuation of training to ensure effective operation and stewardship of the new system.

Phase II added upgrades to the pre-existing public system, household connections in Aguacatillo for families able to afford them, and rain catchment systems to provide water sources for purposes other than drinking, cooking and bathing. EWB-Boston monitored the progress and success of this project for three years after its completion, 2015, through further trips and tracking by the Community Worker.