Holiday Cocktail Crafting Virtual Event

Please join EWB-BPC on Friday, December 11th at 7 PM at this link to learn how to craft some festive cocktails ahead of the holiday season! Two of our members will teach us how to make coquito, a Puerto Rican coconut “eggnog” drink, and a Rum Manhattan, a warm, spirit-forward classic perfect for winter nights. Both of these recipes involve rum, so consider supporting local business and purchasing your spirits from a local craft distillery. Fun fact: Massachusetts was the country’s leading exporter of rum in the 1700s! Here is what you will need to follow along:

– Blender
– Cocktail shaker tins
– Measuring spoons/cups or cocktail jigger
– Glasses for serving

Coquito Ingredients
Makes (10) 6 oz servings
Optional, but recommended prep: Steep cinnamon and nutmeg in hot coconut water for 15 mins prior to the cocktail hour
– 1 cup of coconut water, or coconut milk if you want it to be extra rich
– (1) 13.5 oz can (or 1.5 cups) cream of coconut, ex). Coco Lopez
– (1) 14 oz can of sweetened condensed milk
– (1) 12 oz can of evaporated milk
– 1.5 tsp of ground cinnamon (or 3 cinnamon sticks if doing the optional prep)
– 0.5 tsp of ground nutmeg
– White, aged, or spiced rum to taste (can also be enjoyed without the alcohol)
– Ice

Rum Manhattan Ingredients:
Makes 1 serving
– 2 oz (0.25 cup) aged or spiced rum, or rye whiskey if you prefer
– 1 oz (2 tablespoons) sweet vermouth
– 2 dashes angostura bitters, or experiment with other bitters if you have them!
– Red maraschino cherries
– Ice